Salt Lake Day Trips

Did our Tooele Bucket List leave you wanting more? With school out and a more relaxed schedule, summer is a great time to head out with the family on a day trip. And we are so close to Salt Lake, there is no reason not to drop in for a little fun. Here are four of favorite Salt Lake day trips

1. Kennecott Copper Mine
If the view from Middle Canyon inspired your kids to learn more, take them on a free tour of Kennecott Copper Mine and let them see the mine up close. In addition to seeing tires the size of trucks and trucks the size houses, the whole family can enjoy the newly built museum and great views of the valley.

Cost: Free (with coupon on their website). Normally, $5
How to Get There: 12800 South State Hwy. 111 – Map It
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2. Salt Lake City Library
Your kids worked hard during the school year to improve their reading so don’t let them neglect it all summer. A visit to the Salt Lake City Public Library will inspire kids of any age.

LibraryTo Start: Have story time in the children’s story attic, climb the suspended staircases, take in the rooftop vistas, check out the resident bee hive, the fountains, and more. Hike to the top of the library on the exterior spiral staircase, then enjoy a picnic on the grounds surrounding Library Square.

Next Steps: Reward their academic and physical efforts with a visit to Les Madelaines. Across 500 South from Library Square, Les Madelaines will give them a taste of handmade French pastry so delicious that they just might forswear the cheap junk food imitations.

FountainFinish Up: Wrap up the day by hopping aboard TRAX (you’ll be inside the Free Fair Zone) for a lift to the Gateway. Let the kids splash around in the music and water choreographed fountain. If you’re visiting the weekend of June 15, you can also take in the Sidewalk Chalk Festival.

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3. Red Butte Garden
To Start: Enroll the kids in one of many summer workshops available for children grades K-6. While the littles are learning about insects, music, or apothecary you can tour the many acres of gardens. Enjoy some solitude by the koi pond. You remember solitude, right?

Next Steps: Pick up the kids and head into the hills. Red Butte features many gorgeous hiking trails on the grounds above the formal gardens. Take in the stunning views of the Salt Lake Valley and enjoy a picnic while observing local bird and plant life.

Finish Up: Walk back to the shops and purchase a vegetable plant for the garden. Children are often more likely to try to eat a vegetable if they had a part in growing it.

Finally, stay to watch the sun set behind the Oquirrh Mountains.

Cost: Members Free, Adults $8, Children (ages 3–17) $6, Children under 3 are free
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4. Farmer’s Market
Show the kids where food really comes from – farmers! The Salt Lake City Farmer’s Market is held each Saturday morning from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm at Pioneer Park. Markets run June 9 through October 27 with much more focus on produce as local crops are ready for harvest (August and September).

To Start: Park a few blocks away and walk to the Farmer’s Market. Parking is very hard to come by so you might as well get some exercise. Let the kids each pick out one adventurous ingredient choice for dinner that night.

Next Steps: Walk over to the playground and let them play while you furiously Google recipes using rutabaga, rhubarb, and endive.

Finish Up: Walk across the street to Tony Caputo’s Food Market & Deli for lunch. Enjoy a handmade sandwich and peruse the top quality fish, meat, and cheeses for sale as well as artisan quality grocery items from near and far. Use the experience as an opportunity for an age appropriate discussion about the source of foods that we eat, seasonality, and food culture.

Who knows – you may just find the right thing to tie that meal together.

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